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Software Development

Could your organization benefit from:

  • A way to integrate your current separate processes/systems?
  • An improved way to store your business-specific information beyond emails, sticky notes, and spreadsheets?
  • A method to add better structure to your organization's data?


From simple databases to track basic customer information to much more specialized database solutions to store industry or business-specific information - we can build it.


We work with the following platforms/tools to develop solution interfaces based on the clients individual needs and budget.

  • FileMaker Pro
  • PC Soft WinDev & WebDev
  • Xojo
  • Microsoft Access

We then pair the above platforms with the following back-end technologies to store their information based on the scalability and resiliency that the customers' needs require.

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access File (only recommended for small projects)
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • FileMaker
  • Many more...

Contact us today to discuss your project needs.


Stackr App Coming Soon!

Simple TimeClock

Simple TimeClock Simple TimeClock is just what the title says – a very simple time clock for employees to clock in and out from any device and pull reports out of the system. In it’s current evolution-this product is limited to running on Windows devices only, however future plans expand this to Mac, Web, and…


BusMATE BusMATE is another great example of an application built for a client to fill a gap in the current software market.   Designed to track customers, vehicles, locations, maintenance, sales activities, and trip dispatching for charter vehicle services.    

W2S To SNAP Connect

W2S To SNAP Connect is a 3rd party integration tool to facilitate the export of data from a raw Web2School MySQL database for automated import into the popular hosted SNAP Health Center. Our tool will connect to a MySQL-based Web2School environment, run the export query exporting to CSV files that are then securely uploaded to…

QuickBooks 3PL Connect

QuickBooks 3PL Connect is a standalone application that takes your orders within QuickBooks and generates separate CSV files based on the specifications of the desired warehousing system. Once generated, these CSV files can be uploaded via FTP or SFTP directly to the warehouse’s order fulfillment system. Have a warehouse you’d like to use, or looking…