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QuickBooks 3PL Connect

QuickBooks 3PL Connect is a standalone application that takes your orders within QuickBooks and generates separate CSV files based on the specifications of the desired warehousing system. Once generated, these CSV files can be uploaded via FTP or SFTP directly to the warehouse’s order fulfillment system.

Have a warehouse you’d like to use, or looking for less expensive handling charges from your current provider who is manually entering your faxed/emailed orders? If they are able to accept a CSV file to import products to be shipped the QuickBooks 3PL Connect can work for you.


Call us today for more information on how QuickBooks 3PL Connect can improve your business’s productivity.


  • Generates custom CSV export file for warehouse use
  • Automatically uploads via FTP or SFTP to warehouse fulfillment center
  • Sends confirmation email with copy of the CSV to an email address of your choosing
  • Ability to run invoices for a specific date
  • Ability to run specific invoice
  • Marks a given invoice as processed in QuickBooks once completed
  • Support for multiple warehouse definitions

System Requirements:

  • QuickBooks Desktop Edition (QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise supported)
  • QODBC Read/Write driver subscription required and purchased separately.
  • Windows 7 32/64-bit
  • Internet connectivity for FTP/SFTP upload functionality

If you have concerns regarding your specific environment, contact us today.

Support” tab_id=”1447870902903-c9230d62-c372″][vc_column_text]We’re still finalizing documentation. Please contact us for support.

Perpetual License- Priced at $2000 for the first year. Subsequent years require an annual support and maintenance agreement of $400 per year. $600 setup fee applies.

Subscription License- Billed monthly at $100/month. Requires application to be installed on one dedicated workstation. $600 setup fee applies.