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We’re transitioning to Managed Services

Managed what? – Managed Services is a relatively recent disruptive methodology for providing and paying for IT services. The basic premise is that you pay a service provide a set monthly fee calculated based on number of users or number of devices on the customer’s network. This monthly fee includes the labor costs associated with keeping your network up and running smoothly, but also to proactively monitor key aspects of systems to ensure it stays that way. This also moves the incentive from having issues that rack of hourly labor costs to attempting to proactively eliminate or predict these business-disrupting events from occurring in the first place.

This is a fundamental change is how businesses pay for their IT services. Rather than pay for the time and resources needed to fix things once they break (also referred to as “break-fix”), we attempt to transition to businesses paying to minimize the downtime occurring in the first place all while maintaining a budget-friendly flat monthly fee.

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